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Fibogroup is a good broker, objective reviews

Real reviews about FIBO Group about the forex company The FIBOGroup is an established and well-recognized forex broker. They have branches in several European cities, including Vienna, Munich, and Shanghai. Unlike some other forex brokerages, FIBOGroup is regulated by two different governments, which means that their operations are highly regulated.[…]

Bitcoin prices rise sharply over the week in South Africa

The world of digital currency trading can be very interesting but also very dangerous as well. The great news is that there are some ways you can protect yourself from the risk of losing a lot of money because of the price of one currency suddenly skyrocketing. In this article[…]

Impact of the covid pandemic on the economy of South Africa

The impact of the Covid pandemic on the economy of South Africa is estimated at around ZAR 14 billion. The majority of affected people are children and adults who had been immunised against the plague. Most of the infected children will be placed in care facilities until the pandemic is[…]

Blockchain in South Africa

According to a recent research, over 90% of the population in South Africa will be using the Blockchain technology in the coming years. This means that the financial markets in South Africa are going to be greatly impacted by this new technology. What is so special about this new technology?[…]

Cryptocurrency trading has become popular in South Africa

Cryptocurrency trading has become very popular in South Africa over the past few years. More investors have taken a keen interest in this kind of investment because of the huge potential returns that it can offer. The increasing interest in this particular type of trading has led to the formation[…]